How Dental Nightguards Can Help You

It’s common to see people wearing mouth guards in Granbury for protection during all kinds of sports, such as football, basketball, and boxing, but did you know that lots of folks wear mouth guards at night for their dental health? People who grind their teeth (bruxism) and people with sleep apnea can get relief from their symptoms simply by wearing a specially-designed mouth guard at night. Dr. Heizerand Dr. O’Grady have helped many Granbury residents improve their [...]

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Adult Dentistry: It’s Never Too Late for Dental Care

Good News for Grown-Ups “Adulting” can be hard. Between rent, bills, kids, a career, and other responsibilities, it can be tough to make time for yourself. But independence, parenting, fulfilling work, and the wisdom that comes with age can be pretty fantastic, too. So how does your oral healthcare fit into a grown-up lifestyle? Granbury dentists Lakeview Dental serves adults from all over our community. Read more for our tips on how to care for your [...]

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Top 5 Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

If you’re one of the 40 million Americans with sensitive teeth, you must be familiar with the painful zing that follows a hot drink, a bite of ice cream, or just a deep breath of cold air. These and other elements can cause a sudden discomfort if you have sensitive teeth, also called dentin hypersensitivity. Each of your teeth has an important protected layer called enamel. If your enamel gets worn down, your teeth [...]

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Destination Dentistry – Are the Savings Worth the Risk?

Ah, vacation. The sun, the sand, the… gauze in your mouth? Dental work and recovery might not be your preferred use of your precious vacation days, but some people are packing their bags and heading to exotic locations for dental work in hopes of saving money. As medical education and technology improve all around the world, destination dentistry or dental tourism is becoming an attractive option for many. Dental tourism is a kind of [...]

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Oral Anatomy 101

Welcome to your mouth! A healthy mouth is necessary for a healthy life. You might be surprised how many different parts work together to make your mouth function. Read more below from Dr. Heizer and Dr. O’Grady in Granbury to get an in-depth look at the human mouth and how it works. Teeth The look and function of your teeth make your first impression and impact your daily life and confidence.  You’d also be lost (and very hungry) [...]

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Veneers – Not Just for the Silver Screen

There’s a lot of hair and makeup that goes into making your favorite stars sparkle on the screen. And while we can’t all hire a professional artist to make us look perfect every day, there is a lasting solution to giving you that perfect Hollywood smile – veneers! Granbury dentists Dr. Jonathan Heizer and Dr. Wyatt O’Grady are experienced and trusted providers of veneer treatments. What are Veneers? Veneers are a very strong, paper-thin cover over your teeth. They [...]

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What are Those Bumps? Oral Tori

Unusual shapes and growths can be alarming anywhere in the body. If you’ve noticed hard bumps growing in your mouth, you might have oral tori. Granbury dentists Dr. Jonathan Heizer and Dr. Wyatt O’Gradytell you more about oral tori below. What are Oral Tori? Tori (or a single torus) are bumps in the mouth made of bone tissue covered by gum tissue. They grow slowly and some people have them without ever noticing them! There are three kinds [...]

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Do I Have Herpes? Cold Sores 101

Cold sore. Fever blister. Herpes Simplex Virus-1. These babies go by a lot of different names, but the experience is always the same: Telltale burning or itching near the lip Red bump appears a day or so later Bump becomes a cluster of blisters Blisters dry up and scab over The scab falls off The whole process usually takes two weeks or less. Infamous for irritating pain and ruining first dates everywhere, cold sores [...]

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Could White Teeth Help You Land a Job Interview?

A recent, three-part study by Crest® puts numbers to what most of us already knew – white teeth are beautiful and powerful! The study used both qualitative and quantitative measures in multiple settings to determine what effect white teeth can have on a person’s life. In a portion of the study on employment, researchers found that whiter teeth greatly increased a person’s chance of being offered jobs but also of receiving higher pay. In a portion [...]

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Dental Friends with Benefits

At Lakeview Dental, our goal is to make your dental visits as pleasant as possible. Part of this effort includes taking the complication out of utilizing your insurance benefits. Dr. Heizer and Dr. O’Grady know there can be confusing terms and stipulations in insurance plans that can be a barrier between you and the care you need. We aim to remove that barrier by filing paperwork for our Granbury patients and providing the details necessary for you to [...]

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