Teeth staining can be caused by a number of issues. Some staining occurs on the surface of the tooth, while other stains are deeper. Medicines, tooth damage, fillings, food and beverages, and tobacco use can all contribute to staining of the teeth. The good news is that your Granbury dentist at Lakeview Dental offers 5 Minute Zoom Whitening to restore your smile to its brilliant luster in no time.

How does 5 Minute Zoom Whitening work?

The whitening process by your Granbury dentist happens when hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide permeate the tooth. While this process doesn’t alter the structure of the tooth, the internal and external tooth color is lightened, and it only takes about 5 minutes!

Will whitening affect my dental restorations?

The whitening process releases oxygen into the tooth, yet existing bonds from dental restorations are not weakened by whitening. If a whitening procedure is scheduled prior to a restoration or bonding, it is recommended that the following restoration occur after 7-10 days so that the concentration of oxygen remaining in the tooth after whitening does not negatively affect the bonding.

How long will my whitening last?

Professional teeth whitening in Granbury should generally be stable. However, if your nutrition and lifestyle habits are prone to cause staining of the teeth, the whitening may need to occur again periodically.

Is whitening harmful to teeth?

Some patients do experience sensitivity following a whitening procedure. However, this sensitivity should be expected to subside soon after the whitening treatment is complete. Whitening will not weaken or harm teeth, in fact studies have shown whitening may actually strengthen tooth enamel.

If you are concerned about teeth staining, discoloration, or overall yellowing of your teeth, contact us today to find out if professional whitening by your Granbury dentist will be effective to return your bright, white, natural smile. For a convenient appointment time, call us today at 817-385-1925.