The first step toward achieving and maintaining the best oral health is regular brushing and flossing. At Lakeview Dental in Granbury, TX, we recommending doing both at least twice per day to decrease the likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease.

While brushing and flossing is an excellent start to a healthy smile, your Granbury dentist also recommends regular cleanings and checkups at Lakeview Dental, typically every six months. In addition to Dr. Heizer, the friendly assistants and dental hygienists at our office have the training and expertise to keep your teeth sparkling clean, spot any issues that may arise, and to do so in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

If you experience bleeding gums when brushing or flossing, or have bad breath, these can be signs that gum disease may be present. It is important to come in for an exam if these issues come up, so we can identify the cause and prescribe any necessary treatment. During your regular exams and cleanings, we screen for gum disease, tooth decay, and oral cancer, among other issues. Maintaining a regular schedule of visits to our office means that any troubles can be identified and treated early on, before they progress into larger, more serious, and more costly issues.

Dental exams and other preventive measures are always the best defense to dental issues. Call your Granbury dentist today at 817-385-1925 for a convenient appointment time for your next dental exam. We will be happy to see you!