Dental treatments cover more than functional or hygiene issues. Your Granbury dentist at Lakeview Dental proudly offers cosmetic dentistry services to cover issues that relate to the esthetics of your smile. Whether you have new issues that have emerged or problems that have caused you to hide your smile for years, you can trust that Dr. Heizer can help you to find solutions that fit your goals, needs, and budget.

At Lakeview Dental, our cosmetic dentistry options cover a wide range of solutions. We can help you with:

  • Discolored or yellowed teeth, or deep discoloration
  • Crowded or misaligned teeth, or gaps
  • Missing teeth
  • Issues with the gums

Our cosmetic dentistry solutions in Granbury include:

In addition, we provide Restorative Dentistry solutions:

For more information about the cosmetic dentistry solutions Dr. Heizer provides in Granbury, TX, call our office today at 817-385-1925 for a convenient appointment time. Let us help you find a solution to your cosmetic dentistry needs that lets you smile again with confidence.