Convenient Same Day Dentistry


Dental crowns generally serve to repair teeth that have experienced decay or trauma that is too extensive for a traditional filling. Your Granbury dentist at Lakeview Dental always prefers to retain the original tooth structure whenever possible, and a crown helps to save the tooth and its root while restoring the form and function of the part of the tooth that needs to be replaced.

Dreading spending multiple days in the dental chair to have a crown put in? You’re in luck, because Dr. Heizer offers same day crowns to all of his patients. When your Granbury dentist determines that a dental crown is the best course of action, your procedure may be completed in as little as one visit, thanks to new CAD/CAM technology Dr. Heizer utilizes in his office.

The same day milling system uses a cutting edge scanning device, which creates a computerized image of your existing tooth and allows your Granbury dentist to custom-create your new crown right on his computer screen. Once the replacement tooth structure is perfected, it is sent to the on-site milling machine, which creates your new dental crown while you wait comfortably. Dr. Heizer will check the new piece thoroughly for shape, color, and fit, before bonding it to your existing tooth.

While in the past, the process of having a new crown applied would involve at least two visits and the application of a temporary crown, Dr. Heizer is proud to have invested in the latest technology to allow your time in the office to be considerably shorter and more comfortable with same-day crowns.


Similar to dental crowns, dental bridges are utilized to replace missing teeth, often when there are multiple teeth missing. Natural teeth on either side of the gap are fitted with crowns to anchor a set of crowns spanning the space of the missing teeth.

If you are missing one or more of your natural teeth, or have significant tooth damage that requires repair, you are not alone. The great news is that options such as same-day crowns and dental bridges by your Granbury Dentist at Lakeview Dental can restore your smile and your bite so you can smile and chew with ease once again.

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